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The Chirp

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Good Canadian Weather…

Well, I think it may be only in Canada that we can experience weather like we did this week!!  On Monday morning we arrived to temperatures of -21 degrees celsius!  It was a cold morning for sure but our Nature School kids are hardy, both in body and in spirit. 

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Winter Semester Fun

Well, winter has arrived! At least the cold temperatures of winter have. Here at Nature School we are hoping to receive some more snow to allow for some fort and snowman building but, even with the little bit of snow we have, we are very much enjoying our outdoor time

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November 2nd PD Day fun….

We had such a fun day today, on our second PD day of the year. We learned some about migration, hibernation and adaptation. A great game of Red Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, Bluejay! taught us a little about how squirrels manage the winter. A beautiful walk in the woods gave us

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Spiders & Soup…

There was lots of discussion about Halloween this week at Nature School, not necessarily because it is relevant, but just because it is so much fun! I heard all about the wonderful costumes and the yummy treats. It sounds like the kids all had a ton of fun. Our themes

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Birds, Blocks & Spiders…

We had a lovely week, weather wise at Nature School, this week. While the mornings are definitely getting colder, we did at least see some sunshine this week. Together, Monday’s students and I read the story of Icarus who’s father built him giant mechanical bird wings to fly away. This

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Pumpkin season…

We were met with a number of different weather conditions at Nature School this week – some rain, wind, a little bit of sun and even some snow!  Our students are hearty little creatures however and enjoyed it all. The kids are getting really great at sharing stories and events

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Fall is here…

Autumn is in full swing and here, at Nature School, we have been taking notice. The leaves are bright and beautiful colours and are now starting to fall to the ground, the mornings have been quite chilly and the squirrels and chipmunks are filling their cheeks with seed. We had

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Rainy days….

Rain seems to be the theme of our Tuesdays as of late! Another wet and chilly one today but it never dampens our Chickadee’s spirits. Our morning was very full of activity. The kids used their “big, big muscles” to help make homemade apple cider in an old-fashioned apple cider

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It is the beginning of a new month. The month of October brings with it some beautiful changes in nature as our seasons change and also a few special events. At morning circle today we spoke about Thanksgiving and any traditions that our families might have to celebrate. We talked

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