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Getting Settled

It was a crisp morning when our Chickadees first arrived this morning. Luckily, the sun was shining and the air began to warm up quite quickly. We had lots to discuss and share around the campfire this morning.

Everyone is starting to become more familiar and comfortable with our routine and, as a result, the children had lots that they wanted to tell us about what they have noticed in nature lately and about the change of season we are currently experiencing. It is wonderful to hear all about their observations.

Last week we did a fair bit of digging in the garden and noticed all the little earthworms in the soil. This week, I thought it would be fun to learn a little bit about earthworms. We started with an earthworm hunt in which we turned over logs and rocks and dug up lots of soil. We collected a whole bucket of the wiggly creatures. We then took a close look at the worms with our magnifying glasses and learned all about them and just how important they are.

Next, we took some clear plastic bottles and made some earthworm habitats. The hope is that next week we will be able to see all the tunnels that our worms have dug and how they have turned the soil.

Our day also included some stories about worms and quite a few games in which we pretended to be earthworms. A favourite was an obstacle course that we set up. We tried to navigate our way through it as quickly as possible while pretending to be a number of different animals. We wiggled through it like worms, jumped through it like frogs and crept slightly through it like foxes.

By the end, no one was chilly anymore. In fact, some of us had to shed a few layers! The day ended with some play in our mud kitchen, always a popular activity!