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About the School

What is a Nature School?

Forest schools and nature schools have their roots in many cultures – Scandinavian and First Nations; although they have different cultural names and practices.

A nature school here in the west is where a child is free to roam in nature “the invisible school”. It is an environment where at an early age children begin to develop their physical skills and agility, where pedagogy is rooted in the relationship between the child, and the local community of nature that surrounds them.

Child Led Discovery & Mentorship

The opportunity for inquiry, exploration and discovery are the foundations for this nature school. The curriculum is found at the hands of the child and under guidance and mentorship. Through core routines each child will find a rhythm of the day that speaks to them and will have the opportunity to work independently and in collaboration with others in the group.

Community Values

Some core values that we all want our children to learn are compassion, acceptance, problem-solving, a sense of competency and confidence, respect, communication, caring, having a sense of place, a connection to their surroundings, and to themselves. These skills, values and principles can be learned in many educational environments and situations. At Free Bird Nature School we establish opportunities to develop these skills through, core routines, independent exploration & inquiry, sit spots, fire building, journaling, shelter building, team work, hands on experience and storytelling.

Our Staff