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Chirp from Monday September 24th

Worms were the theme of the day today!! The morning began with circle time around the campfire. The fire’s warmth was very welcomed on this chilly morning! The children all shared some observations about things they have noticed in nature lately. The changes are plentiful as the seasons begin to change. Jacquie brought her ukulele, and accompanied us in our sing song.

After circle time, the hunt for earth worms was on. We turned over rocks and logs, dug up soil in the garden and collect quite a number of the wiggly creature. We then examined them with magnifying glasses and learn all kind of interesting facts about earthworms. It turns out that they are very important! We proceeded by building special earthworm habitats in clear plastic bottles. With any luck, next week we will be able to see how the worms have dug tunnels and turned the soil. An obstacle course was constructed and we were supposed to try wiggling through it like worms but everyone decided it was to difficult to move like worms. Wild Rose raced me through it several times and beat me every time! After lunch, Woolly Bear and Screech Owl built some beautiful miniature tipis out of sticks and leaves. A nature hike was enjoyed by all of us as well – the children showed interest in the different types of rocks they found along the way. The day was brought to a close with a few stories about earthworms.