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COLD Winter Weather…

We survived a week of pretty cold weather! Nature school kids are tough, and not only did we survive, we really enjoyed our real winter weather.

Lots of fresh fallen snow allowed for tunneling into snow banks, lots of sledding, sliding, digging and the construction of a giant mountain of snow in the yard. We blew some bubbles and watched them freeze. We boiled water over the fire, threw it into the air and watched in turn into a cloud, and we played lots of outdoor games. At times, we had some pretty cold toes and fingers and needed to head indoors to warm up. While inside, we worked on our reef knots, we told lots of stories, we made homemade play dough, and we did some painting on snow that we brought in with us.

Friday was a PD day and that meant Nature School PD day camp. Again, the day started off quite cold but the wind died down, the sun came out, and the temperature warmed up. It was a glorious afternoon with the sun shining! You know it has been a cold couple of weeks when -13 feels balmy!! We had a fantastic day overall. In the morning, we raced through an obstacle course and had a scavenger hunt in the forest that ended with hot chocolate and muffins. We made our own butter and had a sing along inside at lunch time. We went sledding and made bannock over the fire in the afternoon. It was a truly great winter day with lots of fresh air, exercise and smiles all around.