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First Day of Nature School!

There are some very curious, energetic, enthusiastic inquirers in our very first semester of Free Bird Nature School!

We began our day around the campfire sharing stories of summer adventures and getting to know one another.  From there we went on a short hike around the property and the children discovered many different plants and animals with whom we share our beautiful space.  They discovered caterpillars, and various kinds of ‘scat’!

After lunch we read some stories and had a little quiet time while listening to the birds all around us.  Eventually, we grabbed our baskets and began our collections to add to our ‘nature museum’.  This walk lead us to the vegetable garden where we harvested cucumbers, a variety of beans and some peas.

Our day ended around the campfire sharing our stories of the day – our favourite experience, our thank-you to others in the group, and what we are looking forward to next time!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you ‘free birds’ next Monday!