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Mid-Season Chirp: Friday Hawks

Dear Nature School Families,

It’s amazing how different one fall season can be from the next. With the later frost arrival and fewer high-wind days, this year’s colours seem to be more vibrant and longer-lasting than last year. It’s been a great backdrop to our many activities at Piercey Farm, including apple cider, apple picking, apple baking…lots of apple things, apparently. Oh, and the mushrooms. Let’s not forget about the mushrooms. They’ve been as interesting as they have been stunning.

This season’s Hawks have been rapidly exploring the 50 acres, learning how to get around following deer paths, using compasses, and observing natural landmarks along the rail trail, firebreak and meadow. But where their passions truly lie are in nature-themed play and investigation. If there’s somewhere to hide, if there’s something to find, and especially if there’ something to climb, they’re off like a Hawk! And if there isn’t…well, they’ll create it  . And that goes for anything from forts to finger knitting to fires. Your Hawks know how to fill every minute of the day, and their interests are so varied. It’s a pleasure to keep up!

We’re getting into a cozy season with more tea and food by the fire – good thing they’ve been practicing their fire building skills! The challenges will continue, group and individual, into the late fall and early winter. If we’re lucky, we’ll be tracking prints in the snow before Christmas.

Thank you all for continuing to send your Hawk with warm clothes (layers, layers, layers), extra (and extra extra) mitts, and winter boots. A mug will be increasingly important to bring so that we may offer your child a warm beverage on a cold day.

We’re looking forward to more exploring, more games, more skills, and more Hawks.

Yours in Nature,
Whitney, Leah and Leigh