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Mid Winter Fun

Three cheers for a snowy mid winter!!  We have been enjoying the snow ‘snow’ much these past few weeks.

The Hawks have been skiing almost every Monday morning and some just continue all day!!  They have also been building igloos, practicing their carving and trying their hand a making cordage – not an easy task.  On our way home from a hike to a friends mushroom farm we saw our first snow flea!!  Here is a link in case these hoppy black creatures are new to you – no I am not pulling your leg!  They do exist.

The Chickadees have also been enjoying the packing snow and the snow fleas!  Last Friday must have been the coldest day of winter yet, I think it was -27 degrees that morning.  We spent more time inside than we usually do, however, it was perfect timing for the creation of our tally sheet for the this past weekends Great Backyard Bird Count.  If you didn’t know about it (there is also the Christmas Bird Count) here is the link that can give you some information for next year.