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More on Chickadees!

What a great day today with all of our Chickadees! It was a very busy morning as we took time to get to know each other, sing some songs around the campfire and share some stories! We did a nature scavenger hunt. Once I was able to get everyone interested, i was really amazed at how observant they all were. We harvested and tasted some delicious vegetables from the vegetable garden and tried many of the herbs in the herb garden. The oregano was very “spicy” but the mint was a definite favourite. There was pretty silly joke telling at lunch time and the full, big, belly laughs coming from the kids had me laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks! There is nothing better than the sound of three year olds laughing!!! The afternoon went quickly as we played some more games and went for a good, long walk through fields and forest. Again, tons of great nature observations as we walked. It is likely that your little ones came home to you a little bit dirty and quite tired but it really was a fun day.