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The past couple of weeks the children have been investigating the varieties of beans drying in the veggie, garden, digging potatoes, harvesting carrots and finding worms!  OH, the worms!  We found a huge community of worms in an area out side of the veggie garden today when we were tearing open milkweed pods to find their silky seeds to plant them – we hope to see a garden full of milkweed in the spring!

My sons and I discovered a dead monarch butterfly a couple of weeks ago and this beautiful insect has kept the students very interested in the life cycle, the migration and what they eat – we still see the odd one flying around.

The routine of finding a sit spot after lunch has brought the children towards quiet time close to a friend – drawing, and leaf rubbing.  Some students remain in their spot when the crow call calls them back to the fire circle.

As I look forward to next week, I realize it is a ‘holiday’, and I won’t be seeing these wonderful ‘free birds’ that have found themselves on this property, for TWO weeks, I cannot help but feel so grateful.  So grateful for their contagious enthusiasm, kindness, wisdom, and bravery that they all share with one another every Monday.  See you soon little birds!!