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Our Values

Today the children were turning over the logs they were sitting on during our morning circle looking for bugs!  So off they went looking for bugs of all kinds all over the property.

Then we came back together as a group to share what values our nature school could have and painted some rocks that the children agreed could be the foundation to our nature school community.  They came up with friend centered sentences such as, “help friends when needed”, and ” think of others”, and “try new things”.  We ended up agreeing on the 7 values to connect our human and non-human community: bravery, love, wisdom, humility, respect, truth and honestly.

We have been playing hide and seek and talking about how animals spend time hiding in the woods, so the group was excited to try a short ‘sit spot’ activity today.  They each chose a spot to sit and listen to the world around them.  They heard airplanes, crickets, cars, and a few birds….someone said they heard a leaf breaking a part and falling in pieces to the forest floor – wow, what ears!

The day ended with interest in the variety of beans drying on the vine in the vegetable garden – it was hard to tell if the beans were going to be white, red, grey-white or pink-purple from the size and shape of the shell!