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Rainy days….

Rain seems to be the theme of our Tuesdays as of late! Another wet and chilly one today but it never dampens our Chickadee’s spirits. Our morning was very full of activity. The kids used their “big, big muscles” to help make homemade apple cider in an old-fashioned apple cider press. A lot of work turned into a little bit of absolutely delicious cider, enough that we all had a small cupful. A new game was created at Nature School today. It was created entirely by the children and involved a magic tree that turned everyone into statues if you got too close. It is so wonderful to see all of the beautiful imaginations at work. The heavy rain that we had fall overnight created a small pool in a tarp that we had strung up. We used that pool to our benefit and did some experimenting with different nature items to determine what floats and what sinks. We decided that it would never work to make a boat out of stone! Our Chickadee’s love nothing better than to turn over rock and logs to find out what kinds of creatures live underneath. Today’s finds included lots of slugs, worms, wolf spiders, centipedes and millipedes. When the rain started to fall quite heavily, we snuggled in the dry tent and read a story about the rain. We ended the day talking about what we are thankful for.