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Soggy Tuesday

It was a very damp morning this morning but it certainly could not stop our little Chickadees from having fun. Despite the rain, we managed to get a nice, warm fire started and everyone joined in as we recited our good morning poem. We had a few other poems, all about the rain, that we learned as well. Tait brought in a beautiful bird’s nest that he had found and he showed it to all of us during circle time. We also shared a little snack.

Last week, our Chickadees worked hard in the garden digging up potatoes. I had taken a few of those potatoes home and roasted them early this morning so that we could all try the yummy potatoes that were grown right here at Nature School. The children also picked some mint from the garden and we made a big pot of mint tea over the fire. Everyone thought it was pretty delicious, especially with a drop of honey to sweeten it. We talked a lot about, and even pretended to be, different types of animals that like to come out in the rain.

As we walked about the property, we found slugs, and worms. Three different toads came to visit as well. We made some beautiful looking mud pies and decorated them with flowers, pine cones, beans and sticks all found on the property. We played some great games including a tug-of-war type of game in which a robin tries to tug a worm from the ground to have for her dinner. That one was pretty funny as it left some of us sprawled out on the wet grass. When we decided that we were all feeling a little too soggy, we retreated to the tent where we read a book and played some matching games all about birds and animals.

Today, we learned that lots of fun can still be had outside – even if it is raining.

~ Tara