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Where did the time go?

Hello! Winter was long, but it seem to fly by! Here I am chirping and Spring Semester has already begun!

The first day of nature school in January was cancelled due to the arrival of the newest little bird – Scarlet Amoi Bird Dalton was born around lunch time during the winter thunderstorm on January 22nd!

From there the nature school students enjoyed the guidance of their new teacher, Jayne Eyre, and were into exploring the nature school site covered in varying degrees of ice, snow, puddles and mud as the winter rolled along!

Here is a note written by Jayne back in January and a couple of pictures!

Welcome back Free birds!
After a break over Christmas, the free birds wasted no time in getting right back to nature exploration. They spent time discovering all kinds of treasures which had been frozen in the ice, scraping away at the powdery snow to unveil mother nature’s gifts hidden in plain sight.
One of the free birds told us of a group of deer they had spotted earlier that morning and how the deer had been spooked and bounded away. This sparked our interest and prompted discussion and a team effort of designing and building an obstacle course for us to bound over, just like the deer. We were very thankful for the copious amounts of snow which came in very handy for our play today.